Vaastu Shashtra is a science of architecture or balancing the negative and positive energies in a particular architecture structure. Vaastu Shashtra was once followed by Hindus only, but now it is followed by most communities. People emphasize Vaastu before buying the land or property. Back in the time, people used to live a long and healthy life without any advanced medication; it was all possible because they practiced Vaastu in their daily life. 


Home is the place where one finds peace and comfort. People always think of comfort as an adjective to home, but Vaastu is equally important. A house that radiates positive energies becomes a home in the true sense. It is believed, that the impact of the house's architecture is the maximum upon the head of the family. People try to follow all Vaastu tips to make their home a better place to live, in terms of energy and vibes. When Vaastu is followed properly, it brings health, wealth, emotional stability, and well-being to every member residing in the house. 

Earlier people were very when it comes to Vaastu so they used to construct it accordingly. But now with changing time, families prefer ready to move in houses, where reconstruction is hardly possible. So here are the few Vaastu tips that will help you to find the best house accordingly. 


  • The main entrance of the house should be faced towards north or north-east as these two directions are the best for receiving sunlight into the house. As sunlight is the source of energy, it brings positivity to the house. 
  • House should be well ventilated. It must have a balcony facing towards the north or east. As the proper ventilation keeps the mind fresh. 
  • Bedrooms of the house should be located in south, south-west, or west position. Bedroom in any other direction may lead to problems such as anxiety, sleeplessness, etc.
  • The kitchen should be located in the southeast direction of the house. As it is said that it is governed by Agni. (If not in the south-east direction then the north-west is also a good direction.)
  • Bathrooms in the house should be located in the southwest corner for proper ventilation and to avoid an infection-free atmosphere.
  • The living area of the house should be located in the middle so that it receives sunlight and maintains positive energies. 
  • Staircase in the middle of the house should be avoided so that it does not look congested. 


Vaastu Shashtra has a huge impact on people’s lifestyle, so it should be followed in all the conditions. Vaastu is followed to keep harmony in five components of life: air, water, fire, earth, and space. Vaastu is no rocket science but only the way of living that people should adopt for healthy mental stability. A house that is kept clean and has a proper entrance of sunlight and good ventilation will always promote a healthier lifestyle than living in a congested box. Additionally, the furniture of the house, should not touch the walls so that positive energies can get the space to flow smoothly. A home is a place where people feel relaxed, so choose it in the way that it helps to maintain positive energies. After all, home is the only place where your heart, mind, body, and soul find peace.