Indian Vastu House Plans For 40x60 West Facing Houses

Do you have a West facing plot? Searching for Vastu tips on your west facing plot? Don't worry you've come to the right place. In this article we bring for you the essential tips on how to set up the ideal house on your west facing plot. The tips are based on Vastu Shastra and can be used to create a more harmonized atmosphere in your existing or soon-to-be-made home. So without any delay, let's get started.

What is Vastu?

Vastu is an ancient science of setting up your house correctly and in balance with the five elements of the cosmos, i.e, fire, earth, water, space and air. It is based on various energies that are believed to be radiating in the atmosphere like solar energy, cosmic energy, lunar energy and wind energy. These energies can be balanced to enhance peace, prosperity and success in your home. As per Vastu, West is the direction of lord Varuna who is the Hindu God of sky. He is the god of law and the underworld and is the cause of moral and societal affairs among human beings. 

What is a West Facing House?

Before starting we must know what is exactly a West facing house. West facing house is one where the main entrance of the building is located on the Western external wall. That means when you enter such a house you would be facing East. 

Vastu For Indian West Facing Houses

Contrary to the popular myth, West facing houses are actually auspicious. According to this ancient knowledge of architecture, a West facing house can bring great profits to its occupant if they choose the right pada (steps) at the time of planning and construction. 

Position of the Main Door

doors on a home are a very important aspect of Vastu shastra and its faulty position can lead to other Vastu effects. The main door should be located on an auspicious pada according to Vastu Purusha Mandala. Some of the auspicious pada for West facing home are Pushpdant and Sugreev. The main door should be free from any obstruction like trees, wood logs, etc.

Position of the bedroom

For a West facing home, it is very comfortable setting up the bedroom as per Vastu shastra. Never place the bed on the side of Vitatha, Nag or Asur pada.

Location of the kitchen

the kitchen of a West facing home can be constructed at the Agni pada. Preferable directions can be south-east and north-west. It is necessary that a person does not face towards the north at the time of cooking.

Location of the living room

The best position of the living room for a West facing home will be towards the east side.

Location of the puja room

Pooja room in the north eastern zone is thought to be very auspicious according to Vastu shastra. but if that direction is not available then other preferable directions can be west, east and north. As you would be entering the house from the west side it is generally advised to install or hang a picture of a deity on the west side, facing east.

Common Mistakes To Avoid In Vastu Shashtra

Indian Vastu shastra is ardently based on geometry. The principles of this ancient branch of science are based on accurate geometrical calculations without which a Vastu planner will not be able to cast Vastu Purusha Mandala on your plot. Thus we recommend you to ensure that proper and accurate calculations are being made by your Vastu planner.

There are two important factors for ensuring that the Vastu Purusha Mandal is calibrated accurately to your plot: finding True north direction (geographical) and Dimensions ( Scaled Drawing). without verifying the true north direction one must never start the Vastu planning of a house. 

Another mistake that can be often found among Vastu planners is the usage of the cartesian coordinate system instead of polar coordinates, for casting the Vastu shastra Purusha Mandala. The polar coordinate system is much better suited to irregular plots and thus should be employed in the place of the cartesian coordinate system to ensure better accuracy.

Final Words

Vaastu is an ancient mystical art that unifies science and architecture to help create a better home. 

The ancient Indian science of architecture helps in making a congenial place to live and work. 

By taking advantage of the benefits bestowed by nature, its elements and energy fields, Vastu can enhance wealth, health, prosperity and happiness in your dream home. Use it to create your next dream home.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you find it helpful and informative.


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