Duplex House Plans for 30*40’ Site East Facing House

Direction East has always had ideas of purity and divinity associated with it, there is something auspicious about Sun the great giver of life, one that preserves and nourishes everything that comes in its a warm embrace. If your land or house lies by the road running East, you can conclude that the portion of land is East facing. It is one of the most revered directions a house should face and greatly affects the psyche and energy of the home and family. Here we bring you Duplex House Plans for 30*40’ Site East Facing HouseThere’s a lot that goes into making a house from floor plans to budget estimation and architectural design then there’s the well-grounded belief in the ancient Indian study of architecture and it’s effects on the people. Here in this post, we’ll discuss the Duplex House Plans for 30*40’ Site East Facing House as described above.

What is a duplex house anyway?

A duplex house is a residence that has the two-story house each having a complete household plan on either floor and sometimes even has a side by side apartment sharing common walls. A duplex house plan has a couple of living units attached to each other, either side by side like row houses or condos or above each other like the generic apartments. Sometimes it comprises attached two units of two distinct properties or twin homes or a semi-detached duplex.

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What is the difference between a duplex and an apartment?

The major difference between a duplex and a row house or an apartment is the ownership of the property. Mostly the duplexes are owned by a single party and sometimes rented out. Sometimes the owner lives in one of the units and rents out the other one. This can be a decent opportunity for the landlords that are looking for a sustainable side income. There are certain instances when the owner of the duplex rents out the units and lives somewhere else.

Which room should face the East?

This is the most asked question when people start laying out the ground plans. Coming to the directions subject East direction enjoys a priority. The Duplex House Plans for 30*40’ Site East Facing House should be designed so that the mentioned parts get the eastern corner.  Home is a crucial part of human life. East is easily suitable for duplex home entrance, living room, study, office, guest room, lawn or housing water pump, basement.

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Should you invest in a Duplex?

Living in duplex houses is gaining momentum in India. Duplexes offer benefits of having a residential property with some backyard or lawn and some privacy. Duplex homes are more affordable than a single unit home (this fact depends on the city area and the tier of the city in question). This also gives you the roof space to you which you can easily utilize as per your needs, which is something that is compromised in apartments.

Pros of living in a duplex

Though apartments boast of gyms and pools and a larger parking space if you are one of those who value their privacy to utmost living in a Duplex house from the renter’s point of view as you only have to share your space with another person. From the point of view of the landlord, this can be an easy and convenient source of income.

Renting out the other unit of the Duplex home, you can also keep a companion when you have a medical condition that might suddenly get worse. It is always good to have neighbors living close by which is why it is smart to design the Duplex House Plans for 30*40’ Site East Facing House with provisions of renting out.

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Cons of living in a duplex

Sharing may not always be great, you will have to share the backyard or lawn with the renters and terrace space with your neighbors. There is also a probability that you might not get the best neighbor. It is the old saying “it is lucky to have to good neighbors”. This is the common theme in the grievances of those who rent out the duplex apartments. Because the Duplex houses are privately owned you will also have to take care of the house by yourself and even do the repairs at your expense as the maintenance of the property is the duty of the landlord.

Upsides of having an East facing house?

 As we discussed above, there are certain benefits of having a Duplex House for 30*40’ Site East Facing House. Such property is bound to have positive effects on the male members of the family. It is said that open space towards East reaps prosperity and luck to the household. However, providing more open space in the north may bring good health and financial stability.

If the eastern part of your land or the duplex house is at a lower elevation or sunken it is necessary to balance the energy of the house. If this is the case, then it is advisable to design Duplex House Plans for 30*40’ Site East Facing House such to keep the western walls of your duplex house thicker than the eastern walls. The sunken eastern portion is good if it is in the north-eastern corner. That can contain the positive energy of your home and keep it grounded. If there are some developments in the western boundary by the neighbors, it can add to your good luck. 

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A duplex house that has a balcony built on the eastern side has been known to give prosperity to the residents. If the Eastern side has open spaces the bloodline it thought to be prosperous and continual. It is important to remember that the western walls of the duplex house, at worst, must be equal to the eastern wall. You can have the water source dug in this direction. If the plans of your duplex have the provision for a slanting roof it can improve the overall health of the family. Some designs have the sit-outs in the eastern direction at a lower level than the duplex house.

Lastly, we can say that East facing duplexes have the advantage of being most appropriate according to the ancient knowledge of Vaastu. East direction brings prosperity, health, happiness, and financial stability to the residents of the families in such houses, and following the carefully designed Duplex House Plans for 30*40’ Site East Facing House, you can just get the home of your dreams materialized.