Believe it or not, but pandemic has changed our life to some great extent. Wearing a mask and following COVID protocols is a part of our changed lifestyle. Our lifestyles have changed in many different and new ways also. The pandemic has completely changed the outlook of people when it comes to designing a new home. Somewhere, our modern house constructions, which lacks space, sunlight and fresh air, has troubled everyone in COVID. 

A COVID patient needs fresh air, a direct source of sunlight, a separate room or a floor, plus an environment where he is free to enjoy or entertain himself. Worry not! The few adjectives of home added in people’s dictionary are- spacious, breezy, separate rooms with attached washrooms and an entertainment zone-Design My Ghar construction company has the solution for that too. It is true that no architecture design of now is better than it was in older days. The old home designs were way better than the modern compact home designs. 

We can also not deny that we are running out of land, so it is practically impossible for everyone to own that vast land to construct the spacious house. So, at Design My Ghar, we have pushed it to our extremes to bring two generations in one design- a fusion design. People can enjoy the luxury of the style of the modern home without missing the essence of the older home designs. Design My Ghar pays keen attention to the requirements of the current generation and scenario. It is often said that humankind is the species that believes in evolution over time. So it is entirely natural to adapt lifestyle as well as house architect modification amid the pandemic situation. 

Over these two long years of the pandemic, India saw a boom in the number of cases in April 2021- which drew our attention to some factors which we adapted earlier as the sign of modernization but secretly, it has been killing us and deteriorating our health. Here is the list of few modifications to your home designs which COVID calls for- 

  • A Breezy Balcony - When discussing the breezy balcony, few people often think it is impossible in big metro cities. But a house must have atleast one balcony and other big windows for cross ventilation. The balcony is an extinct word in the house designing dictionary this day. 


  • Kitchen & Terrace Garden: People needs to get involved in some hobby these days, so why not get a Kitchen Garden for yourself! Corona and a couple of lockdowns drove our attention towards gardening and fresh veggies – on that note, those interested in gardening should have at least a terrace garden or a kitchen garden for themselves. As hobbies keep you occupied and greenery in the home keeps the spirit inside alive even in the tough times of COVID. 



  • Entertainment Zone: Let’s not forget, about an entertainment zone, as it is a huge stress buster for all age groups. It helps fighting people from depression. According to a good house design map, it is the need of today’s situation that your house must have a gaming or leisure zone where one can spend quality time separate from negative thoughts. 


  • Rooms with Attached washrooms-  A Common restroom lacks hygiene. In the time of COVID, a house should have atleast two sets of restrooms and bathrooms or separate restrooms attached with rooms to avoid any infection. Private washrooms will also secure your family from illness.


  • A Perfect Source of Sunlight Area: Vitamin D is good for bones, recommended for a COVID patient. It works as a natural disinfector. So, a house should have an open area that receives the maximum sunlight for killing germs and infections. 


Design My Ghar has come forward with a few modern house designs that comprise some of those mentioned above ‘Must Have’ areas in homes in this pandemic and after that. Pandemic was no less than an alarming bell to wake people up from their hibernation and the unhealthy lifestyle practices, among which the most notable one is House Architecture. People have confined their life’s in small 2bhk flats with poor ventilation, which has diminished their need for fresh air. So, to revive that dead urge of living Design, My Ghar suggests an excellent modern home design with proper ventilation and sunlight.