About Us

Design My Ghar (DMG)

Design My Ghar(DMG) is a multidisciplinary design firm offering architecture, interior design for residential, commercial and high rise buildings. We develop consumer-centric concepts and our work has been recognized for delivering differentiated, on-target solutions that connect with consumers and outperform the competition.

At "Design My Ghar(DMG)", we believe that world-class design and building performance are intrinsically connected. Our humanistic approach to sustainable design acknowledges that performance is driven by people, place and program. By blurring the boundaries between inside and outside, our buildings connect people to nature, leading to healthy and productive environments where individuals are engaged in their surroundings. Our architecture reminds people that they are deeply intertwined with the environment, even when they are inside.

The architectural staff approaches building performance with an intuitive sensibility, employing advanced software tools to test and challenge this intuition.   

We use a wide variety of analytical tools at various stages of the design process to understand a building’s energy use, thermal comfort, materials impact, natural ventilation, daylight management and a host of other performance considerations to utilize maximum plot area. Also we give due consideration to VASTU SHASTRA while designing houses for our customers to enable homeowners live a more comfortable, happy and successful life lived in harmony through the principles of VASTU SHASTRA.

At Design My Ghar, we design relationships that endure the test of time. That’s because we see the value in going above and beyond on every project, in every phase, to bring our client's visions to life.