House Plans With Elevation: All That You Need To Know About

Greetings fellow internet surfer! Are you searching frantically on Google for house plans with elevations? Not able to understand what exactly it all means? Don't know how you can use it to create a better and safer house for your family? Go no further you've come to the right place.
The internet is filled with information related to elevations and though you may find helpful information after hours and hours of searching, we have compiled all that you need to know in a simple, tiny-winy article, so that your precious time is saved. So without further ado let's get started.
1. What Is An Elevation?
2. Benefits Of A House Plan With Elevation?
a. Cost efficient
b. Personalized
c. Time efficient
3. Types of House Plans With Elevations
a. Front elevation
b. Side elevation
c. Split elevation
d. Rear elevation
4. Final Words

What Is An Elevation?
An elevation is a drawing of the scenic element (which, here, is your house) as seen by an observer and has all the measurements written on it. In simplest terms, it's the drawing of your house with related information written on it.
Benefits of House Plans With Elevations
Now that you know what exactly is an elevation, you may naturally ask, "Why do I need a house elevation for building my home?"
Well, good question! House plans are a basic requirement for building a house. Before the contractors can start building, they need a plan highlighting the basic idea of how your house is supposed to look. That's what an elevation will do— it will act as a blueprint for the constructors. But if that was the only benefit of an elevation then we wouldn't be writing this article. There are several benefits of online house plans with elevation that make it a better choice as compared to traditional paper blueprints, some of them are given below.
1.Cost efficient
Getting a house plan that is suited to your needs is a time consuming and costly effort but with the help of online house elevations you can easily search from a plethora of available designs (many of which are free to use) and select the best one suited to you.


The elevation designs you select need not be rigid in appearance. You can tweak them according to your whims and fancies and make it more of a personalized design.

3.Time efficient
By using online house plans with elevations, you cut back a lot of time, most of which would usually be spent in searching and hiring professionals for making your blueprints, if you decide to go for the traditional way. This is one of the core reasons why a person should absolutely give elevations a try. You save a tonne of time. Imagine all the things you could do in that extra time. Won't that be amazing?

House Plans With Elevation
Types Of House Plans With Elevation
On the basis of the different point of views from which an observer can view a house, an elevation has been divided into 4 types:
1.Front elevation
In this, the observer is looking at your house from the front. This elevation shows features like main doors, windows, the front porch and any other items that are visible from the front like porches or chimneys.
2.Side elevation
In this the observer is looking at your house from either of the sides. This elevation is useful in showing the windows, and also the home’s depth. The side view of the front and back porches helps contractors visualize porch size in relation to the home. Roof pitch steepness is also indicated in side elevations.
3.Split elevation
The observer is looking at your house from the side while being present inside the house. To put it another way, this view is drawn as if the house has been split in half from the middle. This is a type of side elevation that shows the interior of the house and is pretty useful for assessing the interior features like floor thickness, wall thickness and stairs height.
4.Rear elevation
The observer is looking at your house from the back. This elevation helps assess the back of the house. Like other elevations, this one is also filled with notes on measurements, material to be used, texture of the walls and floor type, exterior insulation, siding materials,etc.

House Plans With Elevation
Final Words
Finalizing a house plan has now become easy, thanks to online elevations. You can choose a website, go through the house plans with elevations shown on them, and can even personalize the one you pick as per your needs. Now that you know exactly what elevations are and how you can use them to build your dream home, you can go on and start creating your very own house elevations. Good luck!
We hope you found this article useful. What do you think is the best thing about house plans with elevations? Do tell us in the comments box below.