Unique Indian Style House Front Designs

 Indian Style house front designs - India being a nation of diverse cultures has various designs when it comes to the house. The inspiration for different designs depends on various factors such as the religious background of people, locations, budget, etc. When designing the front of a house in India you can go for multiple looks. As mentioned in the list below for the Indian style house front designs :


Indians have been living in joint families for a long time and also most of the people reside in rural areas. So an Indian style house front design with a layout of clay tiles for shade and traditional pillars and stairs in the entryway is a good option. Also, some decorations on the windows and doors of cultural symbols make it look more traditional.


Modern Indian style house front design often requires the substantial use of glass and wood. The design is often done by taking inspirations from the latest house designs and finally, an Indian touch is provided by placing an object or decoration. In the above image, we can see the design is modern with the placement of buddha in the garden to provide a serene and Indian look.


Elevated Indian style house front design is also a very famous design style in India. Elevated houses were originally designed for flood-prone zones but they have been used in various other places as well. The elevated entryway gives the house a regal look often reminding of various palaces in India. The lower portion is often used as an underground parking or spacious basement.

Colonial Style

Inspired by British houses many Indian style house front designs have the same look. Various government houses and buildings still possess the look of this design. This Indian style house front design which is inspired by the colonial rulers consists of an arch with driveway and space for the garden. The pillars and walls are block-shaped and wide. The entryway provides a direct entrance to the house for the passenger of vehicles.


Simple Indian style house front designs are mostly house designs which you can find in any part of the country you travel to. They are generally two-storey bungalows with multiple balconies, one extended balcony, and some space in front and side of the house for a small garden and parking. Also, the main gate made up of iron is often on the right or the left side of the house. This is the most common and simple Indian style house front design.

Vintage Design

Indian style house front design also has some vintage style house designs which resemble proper old Indian houses. These house designs are prevalent in rural areas and in some urban areas as well. They often consist of spacious entrances with a small temple or a basil plant. The house has various pillars in the entryway which provide space for sitting as well. These designs often consist of lots of pillars that provide an airy and spacious exterior to the house.